Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Last Blood Test....Maybe?

Update below (5/25/10)

Just doing my usual Thursday night wait for my lab test results to come in. We've had labs run at different times throughout the pregnancy and then went to weekly since about Week 34? Can't quite remember. Anyway I go on Thursday and get results emailed that night, which is so nice about Kaiser. While I have no reason right now to be concerned it is always with a touch of anxiety that I await news of what my blood is doing. Can I just say I am so relieved this will be over and I will meet my second son in exactly one week? Enough blood checks, enough urine checks.

Otherwise doing well. Ankles started to swell a tad but seems to be normal at 38 weeks. Not exactly pretty but not abnormal. BP still really good for 38.5 weeks. Still walkin a bit as it helps circulation and then putting my feet up when I can :) At the moment we have a c-section planned in a week, though if we go into labor before then we will attempt VBAC. I would love that but it doesnt seem the fellow wants to come out. Discussed pros and cons of waiting longer than 39.5 weeks for labor to happen naturally. Tough one - this is not a normal situation and lots more potential risks in waiting for VBAC than with someone who did not previously develop preeclampsia so severely last time.

Anyway sorry my writing isn't too clear lately. We have Grandparents flying in tomorrow from England and just an absolute shitload of stuff to get done still. Changing table is still in a box. Oh and we haven't decided on a name yet...or should I say haven't agreed!

Update: Blood tests came back same as last week, ie no change. So good! I believe they may take one more blood sample the day before the c-section but the official pre-e bloodtests are over unless something should suddenly change with my home monitoring. Dealing with insomnia, up at 5:30am. Sigh...

Anyway short prayer to my body, please hang on for 6 more days and continue to support my baby. It's been a long road.


  1. One week??? :O Wowzer. How excited about you???

    On the subject of swollen feet - I freaked at 26 weeks that my feet felt a little swollen. I had the doc race out to see ME on a Saturday and um, yeah, apparently *normal* pregnant women do actually get swelling too.

    Change Table schmange table. You'll get there. How lovely that the grandparents are flying in. I reckon sort out a name or two before you worry about assembling a table. That's what Grandads are for. All the best!!!

  2. Tiffany - So excited for you to meet your second son. As always, you give me hope for myself. Thanks for that!

  3. wait, did i just read 38.5 weeks? sorry, hope you didn't say anthing important after that because didn't comprehend anything past the 38.5 weeks. wow!