Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing Reed

As mentioned below we had our son Reed on July 1st. We ended up doing a repeat c-section at 39 weeks rather than attempt a VBAC. I was second guessing my decision not to try for a VBAC up until we went into the operating room. Partway through the surgery my Ob tells me she is rather shocked to find my uterine wall fairly thin and tells us she is glad we did not end up doing a trial of labor. (And this doc is very pro VBAC) So who would've known - probably woulda been okay but glad we didn't chance it.

I ended up having a bad reaction to the morphine or anesthesia and ended up vomiting during the operation and all night afterwards. Not fun! Just lifting my head would make me chuck. That was probably the biggest complication of the whole pregnancy.

Anyway we are home and recovering and my son is a voracious breastfeeder. Breastfeeding a preemie was extremely difficult with my first son, so I am thrilled this is going better, and seem to have enough milk to feed a small nation.

To all of those pregnant after preeclampsia or considering it, I wish you all the best of luck from the bottom of my heart. I am happy with the outcome but man, I would not wish a high-risk pregnancy on anyone. It has been one of the most nerve-wracking times of my life. Don't let anyone downplay your anxiety or not acknowledge your fears. They can't understand unless they have been through the experience themselves.


  1. Gave me goosebumps! So happy for you!!! Welcome Reed xoxox

  2. Oh what a little sweetie :) :) :) Yay for the BFing and LOL about having enough milk for quads :)

    As for preg about PE? Yep, total Amen Sister about the nerve-wracking'ness but isn't the good outcome dreamy??

    I'm so, so thrilled for you.

  3. Yay! What a cutie pie! I am so glad things went so well. (besides the throwing up!) How wonderful to think of you bonding at home with your little guy. Amen about the nerve-wracking'ness as well!!! I would not wish a high risk pregnancy on anyone. I am so thrilled for you that it all worked out. Take good care of yourself as you heal from the c-section. Congratulations again!

  4. Welcome Reed!!! Love the name! Hope you are recovering well. I bet Liam is so happy his little brother is here.

    Love to you all and CONGRATULATIONS!!
    Jeanette, Tabitha and Harmony Angell

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is BEAUTIFUL! I love the name Reed. And thank you for your last paragragh. If we proceed with trying for #2, I'll keep your words in my thoughts.

  6. Congratulations. Reed is beautiful.
    How exciting and full on it sounds. I love that you get to just go home and be a family.
    Thank you for your last paragraph. Going through a high risk pregnancy is a NIGHTMARE, but from your blog I can see that it is all worth it in the end. You are right, people don't understand until they have been through it.
    Hope that all is well and that your oedema is slipped away.

  7. Did your OB by any chance mention any risks involved when trying a VBAC with a thin uterine lining? I'm just curious..