Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Reed: One Week Old

Little dude has alot of hair!

Doing well, not much sleep but to be expected. Am still being followed 10 days post-partum with daily calls to check my blood pressure because preeclampsia can strike after delivery. Technically it can strike up to 6 weeks postpartum though I believe the most dangerous part is 48 hours after delivery. My BP is definitely higher than when I was pregnant (oh the irony) but not in a dangerous level and not enough to be PIH (about 126 over 75 a few minutes ago but I have had some 130's over 80's). Tomorrow the monitoring should end.


  1. OMG! Look how precious he is! Can I steal him? LOL
    I am just so happy for you!

  2. Hey Tiff ~ OMG!! Congrats on your beautiful FULL TERM baby boy! I am so happy for you & Reed is gorgeous :) Glad it was so much easier for you this time around! Oh and welcome to the 2 Boy Club ;) Ally (Cruz's mommy)